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How To Truly Train Like A Soldier

How To Truly Train Like A Soldier: Summers are almost upon us and it is time to take off those heavy sweaters and overcoats. If you haven’t been working out in winters, then now is the perfect time to start exercising. Keep long-term fitness goals in your mind. We all know how fit soldiers are and there is a reason for it. A National Guard soldier focuses on lifetime fitness and not on short-term goals!

Training Like a Soldier

Before you embark on this fitness journey, keep in mind that soldiers have limited space and don’t have the equipment that you might have access to. That said, the basic principles are the same. Strength training, cardiovascular training and a healthy diet form the basis of a soldier’s training. A brief description of each of the components of a healthy exercise regime is given below.

Strength Training

Body-weight training and intensity of your exercise will form the core of your strength training much like that of a soldier’s. The principle remains the same: exhaust your exercising muscles to such an extent that you are unable to perform another repetition of the same exercise.

How To Truly Train Like A Soldier
How To Truly Train Like A Soldier

A training session of at least 30 minutes including body-weight exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups and crunches are recommended. Test yourself every time by doing as many repetitions as you can in two minutes and then try to beat that number the next time.

Cardiovascular Training

Cardiovascular training is just as important as strength training. It improves circulation and endurance. Generally, soldiers are sent on a 2-6 miles run either at the end of strength training or on opposing days. Steady state cardio is what they follow and it’s something that you can do too. In fact, you can break the monotony and opt for interval training.

How To Truly Train Like A Soldier
How To Truly Train Like A Soldier

Keep in mind that a National Guard soldier focuses on lifetime fitness, so select a cardio activity that you can keep up.

Nutrition is Important

Focus on eating a well-balanced diet and make sure you stay hydrated throughout the day. Lean proteins, vegetables, fruits and a dash of healthy fats and carbohydrates are needed by your body.

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