Illegal Food Points Sealed In Punjab


Illegal Food Points Sealed In Punjab

Illegal Food Points Sealed In Punjab: Almost Twenty Three food points have been sealed by Punjab food Authority and Rs. 626,700 fine on more than 70 food businesses were imposed. They include six food businesses of ice-cream unit, rendering and dairy units.

They were closed for any sale due to non-compliance with Punjab Food Authority’s instructions, standard operation procedures, wrong labeling on products and adulteration of the products.

PFA discarded a huge quantity of substandard products including 231,800 packs of gutka, more than 13,000 litre adulterated milk, 150kg substandard meat, 100kg sweets, Chinese salt, rotten fruits and hundreds of kilograms spice.

Illegal Food Points Sealed In Punjab
Illegal Food Points Sealed In Punjab

Fine Kulfa production unit and its store were sealed for supplying a frozen dessert in the name of Kulfa (ice-cream) in wedding ceremonies.

Asalam sons, another frozen dessert factory was sealed in the Manawan area. It was sealed due to wrong labeling of products, presence of cats and use of unhygienic ingredients in the preparation of food.

Besides, rendering unit was closed for preparing ghee and edible oil from animal wastes in Talat Park. PFA has also registered a case against rendering unit for showing resistance.

Rahat Dairy and Imran Salt processing factory were sealed over failure to ensure salt fortification and improper cleanliness arrangements while 150 litre of adulterated milk during the raid was disposed.

Punjab Food Authority purpose is not to disturb the business of community which is associated with food industry in any terms but the Authority is playing a role in checking adulteration for the betterment of Food Industry in Punjab.

The teams have also sealed 6 food premises in DG Khan, 4 in Sargodha, 2 in Rawalpindi, 1 in Faisalabad and 5 each in Multan and Gujranwala divisions.

  • Multan food points were imposed with fine of Rs.97,000 fine on 56 food points
  • Rawalpindi food points with Rs.67,000 fine on 8 points
  • Sahiwal with Rs.25,000 fine
  • Sargodha with Rs.91,500 fine on 6 food outlets
  • Gujranwala with Rs.78,000 on 16 shops
  • Kasur with Rs.106,000 on 2 eateries
  • Faisalabad with Rs.72,000 fine on 10 points in Faisalabad
  • DG khan with 90,200 fine on 20 food outlets

Meanwhile, PFA DG Noorul Amin Mengal gave Rs50,000 as prize to a local restaurant on MM Alam Road for complying with PFA’s rules and regulations, SOPs and hygiene. The reward was the result of introduction of dairy products instead of frozen desserts and has also appreciated Achha Dairy, Millac Dairy and Malmo Foods for maintaining the food standards.

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