JIT probe; Maryam Nawaz for questioning in Sharif family business probe appears before the JIT

Maryam Nawaz faces JIT


JIT probe; Maryam Nawaz for questioning in Sharif family business probe appears before the JIT

Maryam who had been accompanied by her husband Captain Safdar, brothers Hassan and Hussain, Minister of Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb, the PM’s Special Assistant Asif Kirmani, and female capital police officers, to the JIT secretariat, at the moment a number of PML-N workers, a lot of whom were from the party’s women wing, all of them turned up near the FJA in order to show support for Maryam.

The daughter of the PM becomes the eighth member of the Sharif family to be summoned by the JIT.

Kirmani, speaking to the reporters while Maryam was inside the secretariat, had questioned why the JIT had not yet visited Qatar in order to record Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al-Thani’s statement. He said that “I want them to tell us why JIT members are not going to Qatar to take the ex PM’s statement in the case. The members of JIT have not gone to Qatar yet and that is equivalent for them to trying keep the truth from coming out” he added that “In court proceedings the rule is that the petitioner of the case provides the proof, and yet the petitioners are all hiding away while we are the ones trying to prove our innocence.”  He added that “The JIT members went all the way to Dubai, and took help from London law firms in the case, but did not think it is important to go to Qatar and record the Qatari prince’s statement.

While turning his attention towards the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan, Kirmani added “I read today that, Imran Khan, the self proclaimed ‘Mr Clean’ has an apartment in Grand Hyatt. If this is true, Khan has not mentioned that apartment in his financial record.” He added that “He [Imran Khan] is very loud when he is calling us out but he has still not handed in his reply in the Election Commission of Pakistan,

The close aide of the PM alleged, “that Imran Khan has not handed his reply to the court in the foreign funding case against PTI he further added that he has not even told the court why his party has taken funding from countries that have an anti-Pakistan agenda.” Imran Khan was also warned at this moment “You started this game Khan sahib but we are the ones that will end it,

Capt Safdar, Maryam’s husband, also spoke in support of his wife and her family. He claimed “These JITs are not tiring of their questions. They will bring some new investigation team tomorrow in the hopes of probing this family even more, Even her [Maryam’s] late grandfather’s affairs were discussed in court. She is not afraid of answering questions,” he asserted.

Maryam’s summon by the JIT had been made controversial by a back and forth between the ruling PML-N and the PTI, PML-N has said that it’s an “egoistic decision” to summon the PM’s daughter for questioning, However PTI has said that it is the Shareef family which is itself responsible for the summon.

However Maryam, had expressed her resolve to face investigators in a series of timely messages sent from her Twitter account on Tuesday night.

She tweeted “He has seen [and] been through the most testing times, in the 30-plus years of his political career… yet as an affectionate [and] protective father, I saw his eyes filled with concern and apprehensions over his daughter’s appearance before JIT.

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