MM Alam: the outstanding hero of the 1965 war


MM Alam: the outstanding hero of the 1965 war

MM Alam: the outstanding hero of the 1965 war: Though the valiant armed forces of Pakistan played an exceptional role in the 1965 war, but the enemy can never forget the way PAF pilot MM Alam blew it into tatters with his F-86 fighter jet.

During the war, five Indian fighter planes headed towards PAF Base Sargodha. However, Alam created history by destroying all the five invaders. The fighter jet he flew can still be seen inside Lahore’s Town Hall Park.

“Conducting low flights, they [Indian air force jets] would enter our airspace and flew away dropping bombs and hitting targets through missiles. We destroyed that India air force.”

Alam, in his life, had said that the PAF is fully capable of defeating the IAF, if the two air forces ever faced off again.

“PAF has the capability that if, may this not happen, needed we will again dominate the IAF.”

This great hero of the Pakistani nation passed away on March 18, 2013, at the age of 78 years.


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