NA resolution rejects Trump’s ‘hostile and threatening’ statements


NA resolution rejects Trump’s ‘hostile and threatening’ statements

NA resolution rejects Trump’s ‘hostile and threatening’ statements: Pakistani lawmakers from across the political spectrum on Wednesday collectively raised their voice against the new US policy for the region. After speeches by members throughout the day, the assembly passed a resolution rejecting the ‘hostile and threatening’ statements made by US President Donald Trump as well as America’s top general in Afghanistan Gen John Nicholson’s claims regarding the presence of Taliban shuras in Quetta and Peshawar.

“The House denounces the complete disregard of Pakistan’s sacrifices by the US,” said Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif, adding that the National Assembly stands with the armed forces of Pakistan in their fight against terrorism.

Once the speaker presented the resolution on the floor, it was adopted unanimously.

The resolution calls on the government of Pakistan to consider postponing any visits by US officials and vice versa as well as suspension of cooperation with US — particularly ground/air lines of communication through Pakistan.

It also calls on the government to draw up and inform the US and Afghan governments of a blueprint for the return of Afghan refugees to their home country in a dignified but specified time frame.

Moreover, the resolution advises the government to formulate economic policies to deal with any situation arising out of the absence of US assistance and commence a diplomatic initiative to inform the international community of repercussions on the region of the failed US Afghan policy.

Lawmakers also demanded the government to reiterate Pakistan’s determination to strengthen border control measures and demand cooperation and similar action from Afghanistan and international forces in Afghanistan.

Moreover, the resolution expressed concern over the increasing number of Daesh and other terrorist networks in Afghan provinces bordering Pakistan and called on Afghanistan, US and its allies to close borders to leaders of groups carrying out attacks in Pakistan.

Speaking earlier, Opposition Leader Khursheed Shah proposed calling a Joint Session of Parliament after Eid so a ‘strong’ response can be given to the US policy.

The opposition leader termed Trump’s policy statement for Pakistan of ‘huge significance’.


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