Provide evidence of corruption: Shehbaz lashes out at private TV channel


Provide evidence of corruption: Shehbaz lashes out at private TV channel

Provide evidence of corruption: Shehbaz lashes out at private TV channel: Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif lashed out on Wednesday at a private TV channel over allegations of corruption and said that evidence should be provided by those leveling the allegations. Shehbaz said a media channel has spread false information regarding the Multan metro bus project and he will clear all misunderstandings.

He also said if evidence exists, it should be presented in the next 48 hours and if there is no truth to the allegations, then those indulging in spreading false information should be held accountable.

The Punjab chief minister also claimed that propaganda was being spread against the provincial government.

“The allegation was that Rs3 billion was taken as kickback for the Multan metro bus project,” he said. “Even if misappropriation of a single penny is proven then the public may hold me accountable.”

Character assassination of politicians is a common practice, said the chief minister while adding that the message conveyed through such practice harms the image of the country.

The chief minister also said that records were checked after allegations were leveled and the consortium of companies working on the bus project also confirmed that they had not worked with the Chinese company named by the media channel.

He added his body should be taken out of his grave and hung on a pole if a corruption claim against him is proven after his death.

Referring to the content televised by the private TV channel, Shehbaz asked if it has ever named the land mafia or those who have had loans waived off. “Those sucking the blood of the poor and getting loans waived off on political grounds are a mafia.”

He added Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Jahangir Tareen had loans waived off and bought properties in London but was barely questioned.

During the press conference, the chief minister said those leveling allegations of corruption against his government were the ones who have taken over lands worth billions of rupees.

However, Shehbaz maintained, their government has managed to provide loans to hundreds of thousands of families helping them sustain their living.

“We provided easy loans and cheap fertiliser to farmers,” he said. “Our government has also invested in a transparent manner to end load-shedding.”

Shehbaz spoke about the Rental Power Projects case, asking why they were no longer being probed. “Is accountability limited to the Panama case?”


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