PM’s son will present JIT with documents today

Prime Minister's son Hussain Nawaz will be facing the JIT today


PM’s son will present JIT with documents today

PM’s son will present JIT with documents today: The son of Prime Minister Nawaz, Hussain Nawaz, will be appearing before the joint investigation team (JIT) on Thursday 01st, June, 2017 (today). This will be the third time since May 28 that he will face the onslaught of the JIT.  He will be there to defend his London properties and also to present the documents that the JIT had sought from him regarding the Jeddah and Dubai factories which his family owned.

According to the sources which are close to the JIT after having grilled Mr Nawaz for more than five hours on May 30, the six-member investigation team had directed the PM’s son to produce certain documents in support of his claims regarding the legal purchase of four flats in Park Lane, London.

The sources claim, that the premier’s son will submit records which are related to the establishment, sale and purchase of Al-Azizia Steel Mills in Saudi Arabia, Gulf Steel Mills in the United Arab Emirates, and other investments in the steel and real estate sectors in the United Kingdom and Qatar. According to the sources Mr Nawaz will also produce the letter from Qatri prince Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al-Thani. In the prince’s letter claims have been made that Hussain Nawaz’s grandfather had invested 12 million dirhams in the Al-Thani family’s business in the 1980s, which had eventually led him to acquire four Park Lane flats in the UK.

According to the sources an affidavit which was given by the uncle of Mr Nawaz, Tariq Shafi in which Mr Shafi supports Mr Nawaz’s claims regarding the transfer of London flats, was already with the JIT.

The documents which will be furnished by Mr Nawaz before the JIT include papers related to the grant of land issued by the Dubai Municipality, furthermore the documents will include land rent agreement for Gulf Steel Mills along with partnership agreements, the incorporation certificate of offshore companies Nescoll and Nielsen, and a trust deed which shows Maryam Nawaz as the trustee, and other documents related to the Jeddah factory, said the sources.

On May, 30th,2017, Mr Nawaz had emerged from the Federal Judicial Academy (FJA) after a five hour-long interrogation, Mr Nawaz had seemed certain in the remarks that he gave to the media that the investigation would exonerate the Sharif family from all charges.

Mr Nawaz while talking to the media said that, he would be only producing those documents which he was legally bound to submit before the JIT, he further added that he would appear before the team again, if he was summoned.

According to the sources Hassan Nawaz the youngest son of the Prime Minister would also appear before the JIT. Hassan Nawaz had been summoned by the JIT.

The sources claim that, the JIT is expected to quiz Hassan Nawaz about the interview he gave to BBC, in which he had claimed that he had been a student in London in 1999 without any income of his own, however afterwards he had started his own company in London named Flagship Investments Limited on 12th of April , 2001.


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