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Protests Continues Against Anti-Encroachment Drive

Protests Continues Against Anti-Encroachment Drive: The police and Karachi Development Authority launched on Thursday an anti-encroachment drive in Karachi’s Surjani Town.

As the bulldozer started the demolition, the residents started protesting. Some people started taking out furniture—cupboards, sofas, beds—from their houses, while women and children cried upon seeing their homes getting destroyed.

The protesters started pelting stones at the demolition team. The police fired tear gas shells to disperse them.

A development authority official said that they are adamant on removing all encroachments. “Sector 8 is full of encroachments. We will demolish them all,” he said. He remarked that the authority does not enough resources to act on its own.

The drive occurred upon the orders of the Supreme Court to end all encroachments.

Protests Continues Against Anti-Encroachment Drive
Protests Continues Against Anti-Encroachment Drive

A police officer said that 200 to 250 police officers participated in the drive. “We will fulfil their possibilities,” he remarked.

Traders welcomed the anti-encroachment operation but showed serious concerns over favouritism by the Municipal Corporation administration during the operations.

According to details, a delegation of traders under the leadership of Central General Secretary Tahir Taj Bhatti met the officials of the corporation and informed them about their concerns regarding the anti-encroachment drive. They said that the traders’ community welcomed the anti-encroachment operation as due to the encroachment economic activities of the city badly suffered, but on the same time, they accused of favouritism by the Municipal Corporation administration.

Moreover, talking about favouritism during the anti-encroachment operation, they blamed that the MCR staff used double standards as they had different attitudes with common traders and the influencers.

Traders also demanded for extension in time limit for the removal of the permanent encroachments in the markets, but administration has denied their request.

While talking to media, Sheikh Sadiq said that the way this anti-encroachment operation started it shows the bureaucracy sitting in the corporation favouring provisional government and want to create hurdles for present setup, which may be a conspiracy against the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf government.

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