PTI Party tickets will be distributed by Imran Khan all by himself

PTI Chairman will award all Party tickets by himself


PTI Party tickets will be distributed by Imran Khan all by himself

Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf (PTI) chairman says that when it comes to selection of candidates for the upcoming general elections in Pakistan, the PTI chairman Imran Khan will be distributing the party tickets all by himself.

However he said that he still believes that despite his best efforts it would be hard to find “Sadiq and Ameen”in Pakistan for award of party tickets.

Mr Khan said that even Western societies are also facing this problem.

The Chairman PTI during his media interaction at the Chairman Secretariat said that the tickets distribution among 900 candidates was a sensitive subject and it needed to be tackled carefully.

The Chairman said that he could not leave such an important issue at the disposal of the Parliamentary Boards and the district Presidents who will have recommendatory role this time.

He said that “I would take all the decisions in this regard myself because it often leads to groupings within the party eventually landing the candidates in trouble” he further added that in 2013 elections he did not have enough time to select the best candidates.

Mr Khan said that a different set of criteria will be applied to select the candidates of different provinces He added “It is because every province has different political dynamics which should be kept in view.

Imran Khan said that nevertheless, he could not guarantee that all the candidates selected by him will be “Sadiq and Ameen.

He added “In our country, it is not possible to find angels” furthermore he added that it is also impossible to find good people in Western countries.

He asked “Do you think all the politicians in the Western world are neat and clean?”

A volley of question was thrown at Mr Khan about the new entrants in his party especially from the PPP. Many asked questions, how come the dirty politicians in other parties become clean after passing through PTI’s laundry?

However Mr Khan answered that those coming from other parties had pledged to adhere to the party ideology which is to make a new Pakistan where the institutions are strong.

He added that they have joined the party unconditionally and it is not necessary that they all will get a party ticket.

He added that they will not be able to do any wrong since their leader will not be tolerating corruption or any wrongdoing at any level.  He said that the party manifesto will remain the same regardless of the arrival of new people in the party.

He added that “In the Western world, the institutions are strong and even the politicians inclined to corruption cannot go their own way in their system.

The PTI Chairman repeated his stance that corruption travelled from top to the bottom.

He stated that “If Mian Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari have angels working under them, they will not be able to make any significant change in the present system.

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