Transgender personal will use guru’s name for CNICs says LHC


Transgender personal will use guru’s name for CNICs says LHC

Lahore High Court (LHC) has allowed transgender persons to use their guardian’s name instead of the name of their father’s on forms related to obtaining CNICs, which will enable them to get CNICs and vote.

During the hearing of petition which was filed by transgender person Mian Asiya, a resident of Narowal, LHC Justice Abid Aziz Sheikh announced the verdict.

Asiya’s petition stated that the individual was unable to obtain her indentity card as the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) required for her to put in the details of her father.

The petitioner claimed that she wants to put the name of her guardian’s (Guru) name instead. Subsequently, a case in the court was presented by NADRA and Asiya was grandted an Identity card with her guru’s details on it.

Resultantly, the high court allowed transgender persons to put their guru’s details on the relevant forms. The decision sent a wave of excitement among the transgender community, the members of which said they were pleased over now being able to vote as well.


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