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Main Features of NACTA’s Cyber Security Wing

Main Features of NACTA’s Cyber Security Wing: Cyber security wing has been established by National Counter Terrorism Authority (NACTA) on modern lines to evolve cyber security strategies and to meet emerging cyber terrorism threats.

The Wing, called Cyber Security, Information and Communication Technology Wing (CS ICT), introduced Tat’heer drive to counter extremist ideologies.

Main Features of NACTA’s Cyber Security Wing
Main Features of NACTA’s Cyber Security Wing

What Is Tat’heer Drive?

According to details provided by NACTA, Tat’heer is a multi-pronged cyber counter terrorism strategy which includes napping of radical contents available on Internet and social media.

  • The drive helps in strategizing evidence-based counter-terrorism measures.

Under Tat’heer drive, there is

  • Tat’heer Android and iOS Apps for mobile which had been developed with an objective to enable every citizen to report any hate speech or extremist contents (videos, audios, photos and texts) wherever they observe in their vicinity.

Social Media Campaign

NACTA also launched social media e-campaign on Facebook/Twitter.

  • Tat’heer app has an aim to ensure its presence on social media by making citizenry access to portals and mobile app to report any hate materials.
Main Features of NACTA’s Cyber Security Wing
Main Features of NACTA’s Cyber Security Wing

Updated Website

The authority has also transformed its previous websites with a state-of-the-art web-portal, hosted through the most secured means, with zero prevalence of chances for its hacking.

  • It is a modern, responsive and interactive web portal which has capacity to engage with relevant stakeholders, both locally and internationally.

National Action Plan Portal

The other initiative was National Action Plan (NAP) portal. The government mandated NACTA to view progress on implementation status of 20 points of NAP.

  • In order to undertake this task, the CSICT Wing has developed a web based application called NAP portal.
  • NACTA has given access to the portal to each stakeholder of NAP who update progress on implementation status on regular basis.
  • NAP portal has enabled all stakeholders to receive and collate these updates timely.


NACTA’s Management Information System has been developed which is a comprehensive database for managing e-records with automation of records pertaining to administration, finance and human resources wings of NACTA.

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